Brain D. H. D.; or: An examination of the Facebook-ification of my brain space.

22 Jun

When did I stop thinking in complete thoughts?

I feel sad admitting what I’m about to admit to you. I can’t even talk about it aloud because I’m sure it lumps me in with a Jersey Shore kind of crowd.


When did social media begin to seep into thought structure? Have you ever had a series of thoughts that were structured like Facebook statuses? Short, quips. Tiny asides that pop up and then nothing becomes of them. Do you edit it into a status in your brian? I did. For a long time.

The space to express thoughts is limited so do we limit our thoughts to be expressed in that space?

We’re given a certain amount of characters.

When was the last time I went to bed without Netflix drowning out the voices in my head? Not the crazy-people ones. My own internal monologue has been drowned out because I need to fall asleep RIGHT NOW.

When did I stop having a conversation with myself and instead start writing the shortest, over punctuated internal book of Facebook statuses?

When was the last time I actually thought, where did this idea come from? Why am I thinking what I’m thinking?

I don’t know who to blame. Is Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr designed to our lack of attention, our unwillingness to read, and our abbreviated attention span? Or is our attention span abbreviated because we’ve grown accustomed to flitting from one to the other? We keep it short. We keep it shallow.

I’d even like to throw it up to the next level and wonder aloud as to whether or not all generations raised in a world of Facebook and Twitter are totally screwed from being able to chase down a thought from beginning to end.

I wish I had any kind of answer. Other than it’s clearly my own damn fault. Because eventually all the bucks stop here.

I’d write more. But this amount of thinking has already made my brain begin to hurt. That, and this is Day 2 of a life with no caffeine.

It all hurtz,



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